Virtue Farm
Irish Hollow Preserve


Eight miles from the acclaimed town of Galena, the Irish Hollow Preserve straddles 683 acres of this rural landscape. The Preserve is designed to maintain a working cattle farm with a limited number of houses scattered among the trees. Cows with calves gamboling at their side graze the rounded fields and break trails through the steeper forests.  

Rules regulate the construction of the homes and the use of the sites and Preserve to protect the privacy and beauty for all. These rules are available under separate cover. They will apply until such time as the shareholders vote otherwise.

The farm operation  is designed to sustain the livability of the Preserve, keeping down the onslaught of sumac, brush and weedy growth for hiking, horseback riding and other recreation. A full-time, on-site farm manager oversees the property.  Further, the farm operation produces  income for the maintenance of the  property. Yearly assessments supplement this income to maintain roads, pay taxes and other costs.



2434 S Irish Hollow Rd, Galena, IL   61036