Virtue Farm
Irish Hollow Preserve

A Unique Residential Opportunity
A 683 acre working farm with a limited number of houses sheltered in the treelines.

One hundred thousand years ago or more, the last glacier spread over what became central Illinois, leaving a ridge along its northwestern border, now called the “driftless area.”  Here tree-topped hills rise providing long views of lush valleys with occasional rough limestone out-croppings for dramatic scenic interest. Wild turkey and deer thrive in the oak, maple and walnut woodlands, herons stand like statues patiently fishing the meandering streams which flow toward the nearby Mississippi where catfish spawn and eagles roost. Acquire an interest in the Irish Hollow Preserve LLC, chose a professionally selected home site and enjoy the entire Irish Hollow Preserve.

Please explore further the natural beauty that is Irish Hollow Preserve.


2434 S Irish Hollow Rd, Galena, IL   61036